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Early research shows that nearly 75% of managers and leaders who participate in our programs using the PEP Model™ are actually demonstrating the new behaviors on the job and continue to do so!

I valued the time spent with my coach to assist me in my job transition.  He was professional, insightful, and pleasant to work with.  He has provided the strategies and tools to be successful.

– M.B.

PEP Model™

Add some PEP to your training!

The majority of training programs consist of a nice training class where participants are taught information about how to be more effective in their roles. Then they go back to work... Unfortunately research shows that 70% of those participants try what they have been taught, are not successful and go back to the way they did things before the training. Hardly a recipe for success! View Research >>

NOT AT LEADERSHIP CHOICE! Early findings show that over 80% of all participants in our training programs are using the new skills they have been taught.

We design all programs to include three critical components.

  • Pre-Event – Assessments including the Personal Communications Assessment

  • Event – The off the shelf and/or custom series of training workshops

  • Post-Event – One-on-one COACHING and post training VIDEO reminders

PEP Model™

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